Vika's tips to look younger which actually work!

Vika's tips to look younger which actually work!

I am often asked how to repair skin from sun damage, sagging and stimulate collagen production.  In my previous Newsletters, I have shared methods to keep your skin glowing and healthy. 

Eating a mostly plant-based diet, green and berry smoothies, juicing, facial exercises and self-massage, addressing stresses, drinking clean water, detoxifying and fasting - all are effective ways of accomplishing this.

What other beauty tools are out there?

One that I use myself and highly recommend is called near-infrared light therapy.  Why?  Because I have seen great results from using it!

No, you don’t have to set up an appointment with a therapist : ) You can enjoy sessions in the comfort of your own home just like I do.

Red and near-infrared light therapy has been widely researched and is a proven anti-aging tool that gives numerous positive effects on your facial skin and body.  Repairing damage from UV rays requires that you are able to repair cellular and DNA damage like when healing from wounds. 

Red light does this extremely well through stimulating collagen synthesis and fibroblast formation, anti-inflammatory action, stimulation of energy production in mitochondria, and even stimulating DNA repair.
A wealth of scientific studies have proven that red and near-infrared light therapy may help repair damage from UV rays, clear up your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even remove scars, including those from acne.
In short, red and near-infrared light therapy offers a completely safe and non-invasive alternative to skin surgeries, botox injections, and abrasive chemical peels.

As your ultimate guide to learn more I recommend the book: "Red Light Therapy" by Ari Whitten that will also provide you with scientific studies on muscle gain, brain optimization and fat loss using red/ near-infrared light and choose the reliable brand to buy. I enjoyed this book a lot! I hope you will too.

Here are several more tips for you to help your skin look younger and more firm:

  • on a daily basis use facial oil serums and toners infused with essential oils, like rose, geranium, carrot seed, frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang.
  • spend 20-30 minutes a week in a sauna.
  • practice facial muscle exercises by clicking on this link.
  • practice 1-2 minute self-massage while applying facial oil serums or creams.  Click on the link to start implementing your daily regimen.

Viktoriya Hopperstad,

Owner and Founder of Vika's Essentials

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