What is in Your Facial Washes?

What is in Your Facial Washes?

For years I have been confused about salt. Is it a white poison as some claim and needs to be avoided like a plague or is it actually something that our body needs?

Apparently, as many things in life, it all depends...it depends on what kind of salt you use and what health issues you have. Regular table salt has only 4 minerals vs the 83 essential minerals which sea salt offers!  Common table salt has anti-caking additives which you don’t want to load your body with.

My favorite is Himalayan pink sea salt. I use it for cooking as well as a table salt. It is also one of the ingredients in my all-natural, alcohol-free, and chemical-free Facial Washes - for oily acne skin and for normal to dry skin. It is used as a mild exfoliant and cleaning agent.

What's your favorite salt?

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