Why is Vika's Toner a "must-have" for your skincare regimen?

Why is Vika's Toner a "must-have" for your skincare regimen?


Our skin is crying for hydration. Especially in winter.  No argument about that, right?  Our Toners provide your skin exactly with what it is craving for.  Moisture!

What makes our toners different to the thousands of others on the market?  They are alcohol-free, synthetic chemicals free, and USDA certified organic.

Vika's Toners are also multi-purpose products which are integral with all steps of your skincare regimen.

Here are 5 ways to use Toner.

  • Pre-Cleanse

The first thing we do upon rising EVERY MORNING is spritz Toner directly onto our face, or on a cotton round, to awaken our senses and refresh our skin.

  • Post-Cleanse

After washing your face ALWAYS ALWAYS tone, either by spritzing and circulating with our fingers or applying with a cosmetic cotton pad. Toning balances your skin’s PH, hydrates, and preps for product application.

  • Enhance

Need a little extra?  Spritz toner on top of applied serum and circulate with fingers to work into your skin for extra absorption and to lock in moisture.

  • Refresh

Does your skin look dull?  Spritz toner on your face in the afternoon (or whenever!) to hydrate and refresh!

  • Seal

After applying your Vika's moisturizer before bed, spritz toner on top and massage into your skin for the ultimate hydrating boost.

Attention to these easy steps will make Vika's Toner a product you can’t live without!

Make sure to select the right kind.  For dry and combination complexion (with an oily T-zone) choose Toner for normal to dry skin.  For acne prone/oily skin select Toner for oily skin.

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