Outdoor Protection

"Prodigal Sun" Oil Blend - USDA Certified Organic


Celebrate the sun and recharge your relationship with your skin. An organic tantalizing fusion of Chamomile, Carrot Seed and Lavender Essential Oils, cold pressed Sesame Seed Oil, Coconut, Tamanu Nut, Rose Hip Seed and Sea Buckthorn. Infuse your skin with...

Pure Kukui Nut Oil


Kukui nut oil has been used for centuries by the people of Hawaii. It’s healing qualities are no secret to Hawaiian’s who cherish the oil from their state tree! Highly moisturizing and nourishing for healthy skin and hair due to...

Insect "TNT" (Bug Repellent)


Put on a happy face and leave the crying to the mosquitos!  Ancient formula of Neem, Catnip, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavender essential oils go on a deep mission to repel mosquitos and other insects!  Your skin will love the lightness...