Are you properly hydrated?

Water intake plays a pivotal role in our health, and water quality matters as much as quantity. Staying hydrated even helps also reduce or eliminate puffiness and bags under your eyes!

Not all water is created equal. Reverse osmosis water, for instance, offers only 10% hydration to our cells. Alkaline water isn't the ultimate solution since over-alkalization can disrupt stomach balance. We know now that optimum body alkalization stems from a whole plant-based diet.

"Proper hydration is more than simply gulping a bunch of water daily. It's about infusing water inside your cells. To do that, you must improve the electrical charges across your cellular membranes," - says Dr. Mercola.

So, how do we get the water into our cells?

Based on all my research, I will share with you what I do to hydrate my body on a cellular level.

Try to have green smoothies with leafy vegetables and eat live raw foods as much as possible.

Opt for coconut water to hydrate and provide your body with vital electrolytes when in the tropics. 

One of my favorite fruits to quickly hydrate is watermelon.  

I suggest to drink a glass of distilled water with a pinch of Himalayan salt the first thing in the morning and at least 5-6 cups of spring water throughout the day. Himalayan salt contains up to 84 minerals and trace elements that benefit your body. 

Holistic experts recommend drinking structured water. Switching to structured water naturally hydrates cells and aids in toxin removal, which can make a significant difference. However, I am still searching for a reputable, affordable source.

Tip: Avoid drinking large amounts of water late at night and before bedtime. It contributes to puffiness in the morning.


Flashback memories from visiting Alaska. No, this is not vodka in my glass mug : ) Glacier water! The purest water in the world! Stay hydrated, my friends, and your body will thank you.


Our skin is crying for hydration. Vika's Toners are the "rescue team" that saves your skin with.. moisture!


What makes our Facial Toners unique from the hundreds of others on the market? Let's start with alcohol-free, synthetic chemical-free, and USDA Certified organic. Vika's Toners are also "multi-taskers" that are integral to your skincare regimen.

Here are 5 ways to use Toner:

  • Pre-Cleanse

Every morning, I first recommend spritzing Toner  directly on your face to awaken and refresh your skin. 

  • Post-Cleanse

After washing your face, ALWAYS ALWAYS tone. Toning balances your skin's PH, hydrates, and preps skin for Vika's Facial Serums or Cream application. 

  • Enhance

Need a little extra? Spritz toner after applying serum and circulate with fingers on your skin for extra absorption and to lock in moisture.

  • Refresh

Does your skin look dull? Spritz toner on your face anytime to hydrate and refresh!

  • Seal

After applying your Vika's moisturizer before bed, spritz Toner and gently massage or pat it onto your skin for the ultimate hydrating boost. Making a habit of these easy steps will make Vika's Toner a product you can't live without! 

Make sure to select the right kind of Toner for your skin type! For dry and combination complexion (with an oily T-zone), choose Toner for normal to dry skin. For acne-prone/oily skin, select Toner for oily skin.

From my heart to your health,



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