Tips For Clearing Up Acne

Essential oils are outstanding for treating acne because of their ability to dissolve sebum, kill bacteria, and preserve the acid mantle of the skin.

Tea tree, cedarwood, rosemary, lemon, lavender and lemongrass oils can help to clear acne and balance oily skin conditions. These oils are predominant ingredients in Vika’s Essentials Balancing Serum for oily/acne skin, Facial Wash for oily skin and Floral Facial Toner for normal to oily skin,  Acne  “TNT” and Cold Sore “TNT” (for most stubborn acne).

Acne results from an excess accumulation of dirt and sebum (oil produced by the hair follicle) in the follicles and pores of the skin. As the pores and hair follicles become congested, bacteria begins to feed on the sebum. This leads to inflammation and infection and the formation of a pimple or a blackhead around the hair follicle. One of the most common forms of acne, acne vulgaris, occurs primarily in adolescents due to hormone imbalances which stimulate the creation of sebum. Acne in adults can also be caused by hormone imbalances, as well as the use of chlorinated compounds, endocrine system imbalances, or poor dietary practices which results in constipation and other digestive problems. Heavy or greasy makeup can also contribute to acne. Stress also plays a significant role. Learn how to manage your emotional issues by using  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). (Watch this YouTube video to find out more.).

People with acne–prone skin and rosacea have to use mild washes, cleansers and creams for sensitive skin. Use Vika’s Balancing Serum once a day if you have acne problems and gradually switch to 3-4 times a week once you start seeing results. Take flaxseed oil, fish oil (krill oil would be even better) and evening primrose oils as supplements. Make sure your digestion is adequate by taking high quality probiotics and digestive enzymes. Lack of good bacteria can result in an increase of intestinal permeability and worsen an inflammatory skin condition. Choose skin care products with cold pressed organic natural oils and high quality essential oils.

Eczema and dermatitis are both inflammations of the skin and most often are due to allergies but can also be a sign of liver disease.

Dermatitis usually results from external factors, such as sunburn or contact with poison ivy, metals (wristwatch, earrings, jewelry, etc.). Eczema usually results from internal factors, such as irritant chemicals, soaps and shampoos, or allergies (gluten, lactose, dairy, chocolate, honey, etc.). In both (dermatitis and eczema) skin becomes red, flaky and itchy.

Many skin conditions may be related to dysfunctions of the liver. It may be necessary to cleanse, stimulate, and condition the liver and colon for 30 to 90 days before the skin begins to improve.

Here are basic rules which will help you control acne:

    • Eliminate dairy products, fried foods, chemical additives and sugar from your diet.
    • Begin a cleansing detox program by drinking green smoothies and vegetable/fruit juices.
    • Detoxify your colon and liver with The Lemonade Diet (read “The Complete Master Cleanse” written by Tom Woloshyn).
    • Find a good source of natural probiotics (Kefir and Kombucha would be the best) at your local health food store to support good bacteria in your intestinal tract.
    • Supplement your diet with grape seed extract (Resveratrol), vitamins: A (in the form of beta-carotene), C-Ester, E (alpha tocopherol), CoQ-10 and minerals such as sulphur (better to choose it in homeopathic form) and zinc.
    • Add to your diet turmeric powder, ginger root (fresh or powder form) and aloe vera juice (the ancient “science of life” – Aurveda – recommends taking it twice a day before meals).
    • Reduce the use of makeup.
    • Use charcoal filters in your shower heads to avoid contact of chlorinated water with your skin.
    • Avoid contact with plastics which may exude estrogenic chemicals.

(Please note: We are not making medical suggestions or claims and suggest that you consult a dermatologist about any health issues you might have before making changes to your skincare routine, should you be concerned.)