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How to maximize the results from Vika's products? 



Here are some tips to help you achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin:

1. Identifying your skin type BEFORE selecting any products is essential. Not sure what skin type you have? Please email me at to schedule a 20-minute FREE consultation. I am here to help!


2. Once you know your skin type, browse the products in the appropriate section of the website (SHOP BY SKIN TYPE) and start with two or three products to avoid overwhelming your skin by introducing too many anti-aging products simultaneously. This will also help ensure optimal results. 


3. Test your skin before applying the product, especially if you have sensitive skin issues. Even gentle products can (rarely) cause reactions. Many of my products have three or more essential oils, so test a small amount on your forearm.


4. All Vika's products are concentrated. Less is more! You only need to use a small amount to achieve the desired results.


5. Listen to your skin: discontinue use if a product causes discomfort. This rarely happens, but your skin's health is our top priority!


6. Read the directions on the label: Applying too much of some products can cause clogged pores or make your skin oily. Follow the recommended usage guidelines on the label for best results.


7. Always apply oil-based creams or oil blends (which suit your skin type) on damp skin to lock in moisture. 


8. Use an Exfoliating Facial Scrub occasionally to remove dead skin. People with dry, sensitive skin should not use it more than once a week; for oily skin, use it two to three times. 


9. Check out other Beauty Tips on my website here, Vika's Blog, and follow me on Instagram and FB for discoveries and advice on our journey to Natural Beauty! 


At Vika's Essentials, we aim to provide effective skincare solutions backed by research and expert advice. Have questions? Drop me a message, and let's elevate your skincare game together! 💫 




From my heart to your health,


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