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1st AID "TNT"

1st AID "TNT"

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Use on cuts, fungal infections, abscesses, acne, insect bites, canker sores, skin tags, boils, paper cuts, and warts. Our all-natural and organic First Aid blend formula includes Bee Propolis, Tea Tree, Clove, and Frankincense oils.
Like Vika’s Cold Sore “TNT,” we offer a 100% satisfaction return policy!


Apply a few drops on the infected area. Repeat several times over the next 3 to 4 days. When targeting a larger size ((like warts, fungus, or boils), put several drops on band-aid gauze, cover, and leave overnight. Repeat as needed. For the larger area, it may take a few months of applications to see the results depending on the size and how long you have had the issue.

We suggest storing the bottle in a small plastic container or in a shot glass on the countertop to assure its stability.


On the left photo above: injury using a knife (Ouch!) which was diagnosed as pyogenic granuloma.  Surgery was recommended by Dr to remove the pyogenic granuloma mass and the ingrown nail.  On the right side: the same finger after just using 1st Aid "TNT" soaked in bandaid diligently applied over several months.  No surgery and barely a scar.  



On the photo above: knife cut. On the right side - the same hand after using 1st Aid "TNT" for 7 days.


Another "before and after" knife injury using "TNT" for 6 days. 

Net Wt. 1/4 fl. oz (7ml)


Bee Propolis Extract

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Oil*

Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) Oil*

Clove Bud (Eugenia caryophyllus) Oil*

* Certified Organic Ingredient



If you have an allergy to honey or bees, you may also have a reaction to products containing propolis.

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